William and Julia Tewelow
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William and Julia Tewelow

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William and Julia Tewelow and family


illiam, A.K.A Beau, works for the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aeronautical Program Specialist for the Airspace Charting Support Group. He has been with the FAA since 2009 previously working as an Aeronautical Information Specialist for the Obstacles Data Team. He is a professional mentor for the FAA National Mentor Program and is an inductee in the FAA's Program for Emerging Leaders. He earned the designation of a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) in 2015. The title GISP is the highest and most recognized designation in the GIS profession. In 2015 he graduated with a degree in Intelligence Studies focused on Geospatial Intelligence. He also has the FAA's Airports GIS Certification and is a standing member on 6 state Geographic Councils. In December of 2015 he took the third and final exam required for the Universal GEOINT Certification which is still in its pilot phase so the designation will not be assigned until 2017 provided all the exams were passed satisfactorily. These have been the most successful years.

He reti
red from the US Naval Reserves in January 2009 having served a total of 23 years; 11 of those years on active duty including 3 three mobilizations. While in the military he successfully worked in three primary career fields. He retired as an Intelligence Specialist having earned the coveted Imagery Interpreter classification code, and acquiring a degree in Geographic Information Technologies graduating with honors. He started his intelligence career in 2004 as an apprentice in a program sponsored by NASA Stennis Space Center, the University of Southern Mississippi and the Mississippi Geospatial Consortium and upon completion of that program he was awarded a Geospatial Specialist Certification in 2008 from the U.S. Department of Labor (the first to do so in the country so the story goes). As an intelligence specialist he worked with some of the coolest, most amazing technologies, and did so while stationed at NASA Stennis Space Center - the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut not quite realized but at least satisfied. Those were the most fascinating years.

Prior to becoming an intelligence specialist he was a naval aviator flying with VR-52, the Taskmasters, out of Willow Grove, PA which he did for seven years. As a Navy Aircrewman he flew tours out of Italy, Japan, the Central Pacific, and was able to visit Europe, North, Central and South America, parts of the Middle East, some parts of Asia, and parts of Africa. Those were the most adventurous years.

Before pinning on his aircrew wings he was a Navy Weather and Oceanography Specialist for seven years. Not delving into personal details those years were the dichotomies of tumultuous and tranquil, of great sorrow and great joy, of deep reflection and superficial purpose. Those years were the most challenging.

     He serves his community being involved with the Boy Scouts of America as a patrol advisor and as a merit badge counselor for the Weather Merit Badge; and as a Venture Crew advisor for the senior scouts. Through his efforts working with the scouts 6 Eagle Scouts have been promoted out of his patrol and another 3 are on track making 9 out of 15 scouts into Eagles. That is a 60% average. The national average is 5%. He also serves as a Maryland Scholar STEMnet Speaker visiting 8th and 9th grade students to share with them the secrets to success and the importance of academic excellence. He is also registered as a Geomentor to work with K-12 schools helping them learn geography and geospatial science; and, he is a GIScorp volunteer. This makes for the most rewarding years.

     Julia is a language instructor beginning her career as a professor at the University of Moscow in Moscow, Russia. She was then selected among her peers to work through a cooperative effort between the US and Russia for the US Army Language Training Center in Garmish, Germany where she served for 5 years.

     Trey is now on Active Duty serving with the US Navy as a Ship's Serviceman.

      Artem is an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and is a National Honors Society student.



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